A Blessing

“When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.” ― C.S. Lewis

A blessing has never looked so deceitful

Is this not the moment he tells me it was beautiful?

Instead, blessing had dark brown eyes that were filled with abhorrence

Was this not supposed to be pleasant?

The warm hugs and sweet kisses were now reduced to indifference

Did this blessing not promise me a seventh heaven?

A ninth cloud where perfect happiness lived and danced

Love now lay curled up on ruby overlays, pleading, crying to be held

Blessing standing across the room hoisting his pearly gate livery

Those ice-cream-sundae walks across the Jorission greensward and dawn-to-dark dorm creeping were now just a distant flashback

Love, how is that I thought this was the seventh heaven?

Tangled around those ruby overlays, screaming, shouting, roaring for his thoughtfulness

Intimate things erected and elevated unapologetically half-hearted

I then realised that I lay on ruby overlays that were window-dressed as a ninth cloud

Never crossing my mind that this blessing was just an imposter masked as eternal bliss

Resentment in sight, enough to give you a fright

Indeed, we seemed like the perfect match

Until my heart was left with a permanent aching patch

My heart had opened itself to this perfect blessing but still waited in awe for him to open his for me

In my attempt to grab his affection, I fell for thirst disguised as the ninth cloud

I gave him the one thing I thought he deserved

I gave him me

Giving me was meant to wipe out the thirst in his eyes, but it didn’t

Instead, blessing gathered everything that was his and closed the door like it was never open.

Sibusiso never looked so deceitful, until he walked out that door leaving me curled up in ruby overlays screaming, shouting, roaring for his thoughtfulness.

I still ask myself, is this not the moment he tells me it was beautiful?


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