Spiritual Self-Care

How important is the nutrition and the exercise of your physical body, but your spiritual body is forgotten or ignored often? All your elements, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, must be recognized to maintain your overall welfare to lead an happy and prosperous life.

Note in which areas of your life you tend to concentrate on and which might require certain attention. If spirituality decreases, there are ways to animate this. You might discover that you have done some of these things already – self – care ideas are fairly intuitive.

What Is Spiritual Self-Care?

For different people, spirituality has different meanings, often influenced by your ideologies. Perhaps you relate spirituality to religion or cultural traditions. In this case, spiritual self-care can be the observing of rituals or attending religious services and ceremonies.

Perhaps in nature, in one another or in oneself your concept of spirituality is experienced. The art, music and dance could do it. In the end, it can be anything that makes sense and enriches a sense of holiness even if it is only you who feel it. Spirituality is personal practice. Regardless of the path, they all converge upon something you desire on some level—the need for connection, purpose, and happiness.

Any ritual connecting you to your true self, the true you, is spiritual self-care practice. The real thing about you is the raw expression of who you are supposed to be and offer this world. It’s energising, inspiring, and it feels right above all. You might already feel this or you might have seen what this looks like or what it felt like. Knowing how you feel is an important part of your ability to navigate through life. It can be rewarding to have access to this part of yourselves through spiritual self-care.

Why Is Spiritual Self-Care Important?

You may be the healthiest person, but you still feel that something is wrong or that you experience illness both mentally and physically. Emotional and spiritual well – being have a profound influence that trickles down into and impacts the mental and physical body. Loneliness is an epidemic. Your ancestors lived in groups and you derived many benefits from this way of life, especially mental and emotional.

It is soul-fulfilling to take time for spiritual self-care. It fosters introspection and provides clarity and comfort. Studies have shown how many health benefits can be gained from cultivating a spiritual life. A practice in spiritual self – care quiets the mind and helps to calm the turbulence within, leaving room to start feeling and honoring what your heart yearns for, and having the courage to take the action necessary for good change. Your body and emotions can’t lie ; you’ll know it at your heart when you’re really happy and thriving. From this place you deserve to live life. Spiritual self-care can help you to:

  • Improve relationships and connections with others
  • Experience more inner peace
  • Gain clarity on what makes you happy
  • Enhance feelings of oneness and universality
  • Diminish feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Deepen relationship with self

Watch out for the next post for a few spiritual self-care tips to get you started.

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