10 spiritual self-care tips

1. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most easily maintained and accessible spiritual practices. It might take a little encouragement to get started, but it is difficult to imagine life without it once you get going. There are many advantages of meditation, including a reduction in stress and a clearer relationship with who you are and what you want out of life.

2. Mindful Walking

Walking is underestimated. Research has shown that people who are affected by mental health can benefit from walking. Any physical activity is beneficial, but walking is different, it allows you to take a break from life and just be in the moment. fresh air, the pavement under your feet and the widespread light are subtle ways that ground and nourish the senses. Mindful walking is a practice that has many great benefits that might surprise you.

3. Practice Yoga

The aim behind yoga is to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit and is individualised according to your needs. The physical advantages are well known, but there’s more to the yoga than getting a good workout. It helps you connect with your body and emotions stored deep inside. Yoga encourages non-judgement and an acceptance about where you are at in life with the knowledge that you are building a strong foundation for a more empowering life. There are many types of yoga—explore the types you’d like to try.

4. Connect with community

People are by nature communal. Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle doesn’t support this way of life very often. Connections, laughing, exchanging ideas, emotional support and perseverance are some of the things that you can experience in the community. You might have to leave your comfort zone and find some if you don’t already have these connections. Volunteer, find people who share your concerns, attend religious or cultural meetings, host your own groups, join a book club and participate in a game night. It’s worth making the effort!

5. Maintain a clear Space

Overall, good practice is to keep good, clear space around you. You constantly exchange energy and information with others, and it is natural that in some way you may end up being affected. If you feel tired or dragged down, it’s hard to connect to your true self. Smudging is a great way to clear your space (including mental space) by using a particular incense, sage, cedar, or palo santo. It works, whether it’s the power of scent to elevate or the intention to clear negative energy.

6. Read material that inspires you

That sounds straightforward, but your outlook on life can change. Notice how you feel every day and what you are exposed to. You are inundated by not all positive information from many sources. In consequence, inspiration or upliftment can sometimes be difficult to feel. Make sure you have a book or other inspirational reading material on your bookshelf or nightstand. Just before bed, you have your last thoughts positive and not think of your day and any concerns. A few pages in the morning could also be a good beginning to the day. Some inspiring books to try:

  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change by Pema Chodron
  • The Joy of Living by Eric Swanson
  • The Ten Commitments by David Simon

7. Journal, Journal, Journal

Journaling is another way to explore your heart and mind’s deep recesses. Writing scrutinises and processes thinking and emotion. Problems, concerns, and negative emotions can overwhelm the mind. Get it all on paper and see what’s going on. It could reveal new insights. Journaling can be a good addition to a routine in the morning or evening. You can try various journaling techniques — make it work for you.

8. Unplug

Although technology is a blessing, it is also a great distraction. Even without notice you probably always check your devices. There is a move towards digital detoxification in which you set the time to unplug your technology from your smartphone in particular. Some benefits of unplugging:

  • More time to observe and reflect
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved relationships
  • Better night’s sleep
  • Better sense of self and needs

Set aside time during dinner where all phones are put away or try choosing a day where you will detach from texting, checking social media, and responding to emails. You will begin to experience a richer life.

9. Be in nature

Nature heals, Earth’s smell, birds’ or water’s sound, the sight of winds ‘ trees or waves crashing along the banks bring your senses to life. Disconnect from your day and relax and embrace the healing that comes when you are surrounded by nature. You’re right now and you feel something more than yourself. Make the most of your time, even if its just a few minutes, spend your time in nature.

10. Practice Forgiveness

“It is human to err; it is divine to forgive.” Life is too short and precious to be stuck in patterns that do not serve you. It keeps you from fully experiencing life when you are unable to forgive someone. A lot of energy is diverted to keeping a grudge or the like when that energy could be directed toward creating the life you want. Through this process, there are techniques to help you; the freedom and lightness you feel can change your life.

Staying present and accepting pleasure and pain as part of your spiritual health and balance journey is important. Naturally, your ego leans to pleasure and comfort. It takes concerted effort and discipline to start exploring the truth about who you are and building a stronger connection to your true self. From this list, try one or two things. Keep it easy. If what you try doesn’t do much for you, try something else. It’s a sacred journey and there’s no right or wrong way forward. The most important thing is that while implementing any self-care plan, you remain true to yourself.

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  • That’s a good idea to make sure that you forgive people. I would think that it would be a relief to not hang onto that. I would think that it would be good to make sure that you could forgive yourself for mistakes as well.

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