About Lammas

Lammas Online is a personal blog with curated stories and resources for those who want to be inspired to live a more purposeful life.

Growing up in a very unstructured and unsettled environment can make it very difficult for one to navigate through life’s challenges, a fate I think contributed a lot to my love for writing and fiery personality. I never really spent time thinking about or planning for my future or even worrying about the consequences of choices I was making on the daily, for me; Life was just moving, NOW.

In my mid-20s, suddenly overwhelmed by uncertainty, anxiety, depression, and the untimely resurfacing of memories I had intentionally suppressed for years, I could no longer live my life in autopilot; It became exhausting. I was so absorbed by the life around me, living in neither the past, future or present and going through events of the past with regret, analysis, and envy. I had to find a way to allow myself to be fully immersed in the present so I went on a long but fulfilling journey with self, a journey that introduced me to many magic moments in my life that had gone unnoticed. Like Tony Robbins beautifully
Put it;

… life with others is made up of magic moments and I never understood what that meant because I viewed magic moments as life-changing moments that I had never had the opportunity of experiencing.

In my reflections, I also soon discovered that most of my life has been made up of little magic moments I never recognised or acknowledged. Moments like being promoted from the 8th grade to the 9th grade after only being in the 8th grade for one term, my daughter smiling at me and saying I love you, mommy, at just 6 months old, my husband unexpectedly buying me a dozen roses, or even my best friends dropping in unexpectedly just to check up on me.

I realised that what made those moments magical was not how big or small they were but how they made me feel.

I suddenly felt a sudden urge to alter my daily experience of life and discovered a variety of mindfulness resources and practices that to date keep me afloat, one of them is sharing and journaling about my magical moments to rekindle an occasion in my life, touching a special spirit deep within me with the hope that people who get to see my post or hear about this magic moment are also touched and inspired.

Sharing these moments on various platforms taught me that we are all connected, that such a simple yet all-encompassing gesture can bring so much light to someone’s day and life, that it dwells in every human being and transcends everything we know.

I could now relate to other peoples’ magical moments and my awareness shifted towards a global consciousness of unity. Reading or listening to other peoples’ magical moments made me aware that our happiness is connected as people as humans. This encouraged me to want to share more magic moments with a wider audience. Like Paulo Coelho said;

If you pay close attention to each day, you will discover the magic moment.

Lammas Online also shares insights on spirituality, mindfulness practice, meditation, minimalism and sustainable living.

The content is shared to create an inspired community who acknowledge the magic moments in their lives, be grateful for them and understand the value they bring in the present moment.


Lets continue to share these magic moment and hope they touch and inspire others.

I am Bohlale, sharing my magic moments from a little corner in Africa.